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Das beste Olivenöl der Welt kommt aus Kreta.

The sun. The sea air. The soil. And the people who make this soil fertile. They all create that unique, that distinktive taste of Cretan delicacies. And Kredeli - Cretan delicacies - stands for these in small family businesses with love and careproduced products.

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What awards Kredeli?

Kredeli is natural.
We only sell natural and original products that are subject to natural fluctuations. Color and flavor may vary slightly depending on the season. Only olives from my producers are processed. In order to guarantee this special quality, our products are available in a limited quantity.

Kredeli is original.
Our products are exclusively produced in small, selected family businesses in Crete and distributed from Wernberg in Carinthia. The origin of our products is 100% guaranteed.
Kredeli is handpicked.
Our olives are exclusively picked by hand. Because we treat our valuable food and nature with respect.
Kredeli is vegan.
Our products are vegan, grain-free, sugar-free and contain no additives.

Das beste Olivenöl

Kredeli is cold-pressed.
Our olive oil is cold-pressed to preserve the ingredients of the olives. Our Snack-Olives and the olives in our olive paste are also filled into the glass cold – i.e. raw.
Kredeli is environmentally friendly.
We prefer to use glass containers and paper as the packaging material for all our products. Our olive oil is packaged in certified, recyclable cans to protect it from UV light.

Sonja Steinacher
Römerweg 24
9241 Wernberg
+43 650/5203710

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