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Things To Avoid In Ielts Writing

We have selected common words students and candidates keep using in their writing you should avoid. These words are too informal for IELTS unless you write a letter to a friend in IELTS General. However, Writing Task 2 and writing tasks in IELTS Academic require more formal language. The problem is that you don’t always know which words in English are informal, and which are formal. That is why we are.

  • Mistake #5: Blank answers Another worth considering mistake would be leaving any questions as you’re unsure about them. Avoid this mistake by writing something in contrast to nothing. Simple guesswork may give you a part mark instead of not answering the question! If the answer gets wrong, you won’t lose any mark for trying.

  • We will cover not only the things to avoid but also the things you should do to get a good mark in the writing task 1. Trying to include everything in your report IELTS writing task 1 asks the candidates to “summarize the information by selecting.

  • So try avoiding these common informal words in your writing. However, in informal letter writing (not informal letters) you are allowed to use some colloquial. Kids: The word 'kid/kids' is used extensively in informal writing but should be avoided in a formal essay. Instead of using kids, use: children, youth, youngsters, or teenagers.

Things To Avoid In Ielts Writing - Essay Help 24x7

Things To Avoid In Ielts Writing - Essay Help 24x7

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